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The Tobi Books are written for people of all ages who appreciate dogs, recognize their “personhood” and empathize with them.  The author’s pen name is taken from the name of his real little dog from whose imagined perspective he writes his stories, but in life as in those stories his name is Ted.  Of French-Canadian background with degrees from the Sorbonne and Brown, he has published books translated from French to English, as well as theater pieces, while teaching both languages and their literatures in Paris and New York. He lives in Greenwich Village, New York City, with the real Tobi.

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Tom Shea was ordained a Catholic priest in the Congregation of Holy Cross (C.S.C.) in 1967, and volunteered to assist the Church in Peru where there was a shortage of priests. In the letter and spirit of Vatican II, he endeavored to empower the laity to be a thriving Church in the absence of priests. Associated with a founder of Liberation Theology, which holds that the Church not only has an obligation to charity, but also the duty to work socially and politically to raise the poor out of their poverty, he lived among the poor to whom he was devoted. Essentially a teacher and religious organizer, he often found himself in conflict.


Born in Nyack, New York, Michael D. Minichiello is a longtime resident of New York City's Greenwich Village, having moved into Perry Street while still a teenager. He received a BFA from Hunter College and an MFA from Columbia University's School of the Arts, and pursued a career in graphic design. Since 1990 he has lived on Horatio Street—overlooking beautiful Jackson Square Park—with his spouse.

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Born in Manila Pierre Dimaculangan has lived most of his life in New York City. After graduating with a degree in Multimedia Design & Development, he decided to write books, combining written storytelling with digital art and drawing.   He presently is developing a book series of medieval-China historical fantasy titled “Trials of the Middle Kingdom.”  He lives now in Virginia. 

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