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2019-07-03 NEW interior Front Cover epub


"This beautifully observant story . . . has a compelling authenticity, encompassing eloquent ponderings about the bond between humans and dogs, canine devotion and forgiveness--and the awakening of ancestral memory. . . .  Delivering suspenseful story-telling, colorful and believable characters, and a deeply moving tribute to canine loyalty, this tale   should resonate with dog lovers of any age." --Kirkus Reviews

“This wonderful book features the adventures of a thoughtful little dog whose perceptive observations. . . are touching and poignant. . . . suitable for all ages.”   --I.P.Vt. Historical Society review

"An utterly charming and inherently entertaining read from first page to last . . . that will linger fondly in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf." --Small Press Bookwatch

"A wonderful story, especially for a person who loves animals"  --Reader Views Kids

"Can you imagine me, lost alone at night in a Vermont forest?  Or appreciate my alarm, each time black clouds racing across the sky obscured the summer moon?  Or my terror, as the white disc reappeared only to reveal towering shadows all around me that quivered alive with each breeze? . . . How I got there and what happened was so unexpected."  --from the Prologue, LAKE ISLE



Our latest YA and General-Fiction story in the Tobi Little Deer series,  published February 12,  is available to booksellers in hardcover (isbn: 978-1949596014),

paperback (978-1949596007),

 and eBook ( 978-1949596021).

LAKE ISLE  can be ordered from



Tobi is a little dog living happily in New York City until his owner, Ted, leaves him on his family's Vermont farm in a town bordering a beautiful lake where dogs roam free. As Tobi waits and pines by the roadway, he has no way of knowing whether Ted will return.  Drawn into the vibrant life of the farm, how well can he adjust to the family's idea of a dog's role and place?  While the family struggles with a devastating tragedy, he follows the farm dog Rex into mysteries of the night and ends up lost and alone.  On a long odyssey through the back country and around the lake, trailing wondrous animals at his peril, Tobi encounters unforgettable people.  This is a story of a dog and a family, enduring, forgiving, loving, during an idyllic time in the history of a town.


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